Management Status

1. Presentations:

a. eFEP purpose and overview, including draft goals and objectives and ecosystem reference points (concept of ceilings and floors), Georges Bank EPU scope (Applegate)

b. Catch management framework, limits for stock complexes (Bell)

c. Potential strategies for overfished stock status determination and rebuilding (Applegate)

d. Spatial management measures for habitat, spawning, and protection of species of concern (Applegate)

e. Incentive-based management approaches (DePiper)

f. Data collection and monitoring (Bell)

2. Draft example Fishery Ecosystem Plan (eFEP)

3. August 21-22 EBFM Committee meeting summary

4. MSE Steering Committee

a. Meeting Memo and Agenda

b. September 4 MSE SC meeting summary

5. Correspondence