Management Status

1. EBFM process summary presentation by staff

2. Draft public outreach materials
a. GFS summary presentation of draft outreach materials
b. Summary of stakeholder profiles
c. Infographic fact sheets
1. What is Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management?
2. The Georges Bank Ecological Production Unit
d. Workshop presentations
1. An Introduction to Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management
2. Science in Support of Ecosystem-Based Management
3. What are Catch Ceilings and How Are They Determined
e. Brochures
1. Draft Guide to the eFEP
2. Glossary
3. Commercial Fishermen and Seafood Dealers and Processors
4. Commercial Pelagic and Recreational Fishermen
5. Environmental Organizations and the General Public
f. Example public outreach introductory video 
g. Video viewing instructions for attendees

3. Tangible Worked Example tools
a. Summary Presentation on Tangible Worked Example tools
b. Hydra Operating Model plain language description with example scenarios
c. Description of the Kraken model with its intended purpose and how to use it
d. eFEP catch framework and video demonstration
1. Demonstration of ecosystem-based catch advice
2. FEP Catch Framework Video Demo

4. Presentation: Public Outreach Workshop Format

5. September 8, 2020 EBFM Committee meeting summary

6. Correspondence