Posted on March 26, 2015

I want to highlight an RFP that was posted today by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and ask for your assistance in spreading the word about this opportunity to your staff, stakeholders, partners and networks. NFWF will run a national program that will award grants to catalyze the implementation of electronic technologies for catch monitoring in U.S. fisheries. They anticipate awarding up to $4 million through this solicitation, and expect that approximately 50% of the funds will support projects in the Gulf of Mexico. Full proposals are due on April 13, 2015. For all of the details including program priorities, eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria go to the NFWF website

For context, NFWF will draw on its experience managing the Fisheries Innovation Fund to ensure the success of the Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Implementation Grant Program, (also called the EMR Grant Program). This new program is designed to advance NOAA’s sustainable fisheries goals to partner with fishermen and other stakeholders to systematically integrate technology into fisheries data collections and observations for fisheries management. 

In FY15, the focus of the EMR Grant Program will be supporting the implementation of a voluntary cost-shared electronic monitoring and reporting programs that support fisheries conservation and management, including -- but not limited to -- the for-hire recreational fishery in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Please note that the EMR Grant Program will consider applications from all U.S. fisheries, including -- but not limited to -- commercial and recreational fisheries that catalyze the adoption of electronic monitoring and reporting consistent with NOAA Fisheries Regional Electronic Technology Plans or data collection programs identified by Regional Fishery Management Councils. For more information please visit:

Again, I appreciate your help in spreading the word on this opportunity.


Eileen Sobeck Assistant Administrator for Fisheries National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA U.S. Department of Commerce301-427-8000