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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting overview memo from Groundfish Committee Chair

2. Agenda

3. Presentation, Council Staff

4. Amendment 23 Review Metrics and Indicators
a. Memo from Groundfish PDT to SSC re Possible A23 Review Metrics and Indicators
b. Background: Draft Amendment 23 Review Metrics Discussion Paper
c. Background: Amendment 23

5. Draft Work Plan for ABC Control Rules

6. Draft Work Plan for Atlantic Cod Management Transition Plan

7. Memo from Groundfish PDT to Groundfish Committee re Addressing Large Swings in Canadian Halibut Catch

8. Meeting Summaries
a. Groundfish Committee, Jan. 19, 2023
b. Recreational Advisory Panel, Apr. 3, 2023 (draft)
c. Groundfish Advisory Panel, Apr. 7, 2023 (draft)

9. Correspondence

10. Memo from Executive Director Nies to Executive Committee re Gulf of Maine Haddock Correspondence

11. Memo from Executive Director Nies to Council re Emergency Action Request