Management Status

1. Herring Committee Motions

2. Council’s Herring Priorities Quarterly Outlook for 2023

3. Presentation, Council Staff

4. Memo from Herring PDT to Committee in reference to river herring and shad catch in the Atlantic herring fishery, 2020-2022

5. Revisit A8 Inshore Midwater Trawl Closure
a. Review of A8 case, GARFO staff
b. Opinion, US District Court of MA, Docket No. 47
c. Judgment, US District Court of MA, Docket No. 50
d. Background: Amendment 8
i. Council:
ii. GARFO:
iii. GARFO Fishery Bulletins on Court Decision:
iv. Map of Inshore Midwater Trawl Restricted Area, GARFO

6. Meeting Summaries
a. Herring Advisory Panel, Apr. 11, 2023 (draft)
b. Herring Committee, Apr. 12, 2023 (draft)

7. Correspondence