This action implements approved regulations for the New England Fishery Management Council’s Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2.

This Amendment is part of Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2. All information, including the final rule, can be found here and below.

Final Rule

OHA2 Decision Letter: NMFS to NEFMC (January 3, 2018)

Notice of Availability (October 6, 2017)

170327 NEFMC to GARFO - Deeming Regulations

Volume I - Executive summary, Background and purpose, and Description of the affected environment Volume II - EFH and HAPC Designation Alternatives and Environmental Impacts Volume III - Spatial management alternatives including preferred alternatives and considered but rejected alternatives Volume IV - Environmental impacts of spatial management alternatives on habitat, human community, and protected resources Volume V - Environmental impacts of spatial management alternatives on managed resources and fisheries Volume VI - Cumulative effects, compliance and applicable law, and references Appendix A - EFH designation methodologies Appendix B - EFH supplementary tables, prey species information, and spawning information Appendix C - EFH designation map representations as approved in June 2007, with corrections Appendix D - The Swept Area Seabed Impact (SASI) approach: a tool for analyzing the effects of fishing on Essential Fish Habitat Appendix E - Synopsis of Closed Area Technical Team analysis of juvenile groundfish habitats and groundfish spawning areas Appendix F - Modeling juvenile Atlantic cod and yellowtail flounder abundance on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine using 2-stage generalized additive models Appendix G - Nonfishing impacts to Essential Fish Habitat Volume H - Prey Vulnerability Volume I - Information to Support Updates to Winter Flounder EFH Designations

Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 Public Comments and Hearing Summaries