1a. Introductions and Reports

1b. Introductions and Reports, cont'd

2. Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful

3. Open Public Comment

4. EM Procedural Directive

5a. Habitat Committee

5b. Habitat Committee, cont'd

6. Scallop BiOp Update

7. Scallop Committee

8a. Herring Committee

8b. Herring Committee cont'd

9. Financial Disclosure & Recusal

10. ICCAT Update

11. 2021-2025 Council Research Priorities

12. Southeast for-hire Electronic Reporting

13. Other Business

14a. Groundfish Committee

14b. Groundfish Committee cont'd

14c. Groundfish Committee cont'd

14d. Groundfish Committee cont'd

15. Highly Migratory Species (HMS)

16. HMS Advisory Panel

17. Skate Committee

18. EBFM, MSE Steering Committee

19. Other Business