Management Status

1. Staff Presentation

2. Meeting Motions from Scallop AP and Committee Meetings – Sept. 20 & 21, 2022

3. Scallop PDT meeting summaries – August & September, 2022

4. Scallop Survey Working Group – Webpage
a. Presentation – Mr. Peter Chase and Dr. Bill DuPaul
b. SSWG Final Report
c. Appendix I – Survey System Metadata Catalogue
d. Appendix II – Scallop Survey Guiding Principles

5. Framework 36
a. Survey and projection data - Updated
b. Draft affected environment

6. Scoping for Limited Access Leasing - Webpage
a. Scoping summary report
b. Scoping meeting summaries
c. Full list of written comments
d. Scoping document

7. Correspondence
7a. Additional Correspondence